Our Mission

Pioneering Leadership in REE, Industrial Minerals, and Tin Exploration

At Rare Earth Ridge Resources, our mission is to emerge as a leading force in the exploration of rare earth elements (REE), industrial minerals, and tin within North America and other Tier 1 jurisdictions. We are committed to advancing blue-sky, early development opportunities in critical minerals, recognizing the current market void for both expertise and viable investment options in this sector.

Strategic and Capital-Focused Approach:

Our strategy revolves around a capitally disciplined approach, leveraging strategic insights to navigate the complexities of the critical minerals market. We understand that being industry leaders extends beyond exploration; it encompasses pioneering innovative methodologies, ensuring sustainable practices, and fostering strong stakeholder relationships.

Filling the Market Void:

We see a unique opportunity in the current landscape, where there’s a significant gap in terms of expertise and accessible investment opportunities in critical minerals. By focusing on these underserved areas, Mt Hart aims to provide a platform for growth and innovation in the critical minerals sector, offering a unique and unmatched investment opportunity.

Vision for the Future:

As we embark on this journey, our goal is to set new benchmarks in the exploration and development of REE, industrial minerals, and tin. We believe that our strategic, disciplined approach, combined with a commitment to environmental and social responsibility, positions us uniquely to lead and transform the industry.


Shaping the Future of Mining with Precision and Responsibility

Our vision at Major Hart is to set a new standard in the mining industry, one that acknowledges the rarity of successful mine development and the critical importance of strategic decision-making. With the understanding that less than 1 in 10,000 projects evolve into a mine, we are dedicated to meticulously selecting and advancing projects that not only possess high mineral prospectivity but are also situated in strategically favorable locations and climates.

Key Principles Guiding Our Vision:
Strategic Location and Climate:

Focusing on areas where the geological potential aligns with environmental and socio-political factors, ensuring that our projects are situated in regions conducive to sustainable development.

Risk Mitigation:

Approaching every project with a mindset of de-risking, ensuring that each step, from exploration to development, is carried out with thorough planning and consideration of potential challenges.

Prospectivity Focus:

Our approach focuses on prudent capital management and using strategic insights to effectively navigate the complex critical minerals market. We prioritize areas known for their rich mineral deposits, ensuring that our efforts are concentrated where the probability of discovery and development is the highest.

Responsible Development:

Committing to developing minerals the right way, which includes respecting environmental norms, engaging with local communities, and adhering to the highest standards of industry practices.

Our Commitment to the Future

In a landscape where successful mine development is a rarity, our vision is to be the exception by being exceptional in our approach. Major Hart is more than just a mining project; it’s a model for the future of the industry, where success is measured not only in mineral outputs but also in environmental stewardship, community involvement, and sustainable practices.

Our Team

Barry Miller

President, CEO, Co-Founder

Entrepreneur and strategist with a deep understanding of public markets gained over a 30 year career that has included participation as a broker, consultant, and financier.

Robert Ripplinger

Director, Co-Founder

Mr. Ripplinger graduated from Utah State University in 1974 with a degree in Manufacturing Engineering. Currently Managing Director of Scottish Royal Capital in North America; founded EconoReel (sold to Sonoco); founded SpoolTech (sold to Mossberg Industries).

Dr. Deepak Malhotra


Dr. Deepak Malhotra, PhD – President and Principal of Resource Development Inc., a testing and consulting company located in Colorado, USA. Mineral Economist/Metallurgical Engineer. Over 42 years of mining industry experience.

Dr. Lee Groat


Dr. Lee Groat has been a faculty member at  the University of British Columbia since  1989. His main research interests are the  economic geology) and the crystal  chemistry of minerals. He has published  more than 150 papers in peer-reviewed  scientific journals.

Sharyn Alexander


Sharyn Alexander is an accomplished mining professional with a 20-year background in the mining and mineral exploration industry. She currently serves as President of Sun Summit Minerals Corp. Sharyn is a member of the Mineral Tenure Act Modernization Committee with the B.C. Association for Mineral Exploration. Sharyn earned her Bachelor of Science in Geology at McMaster University and her Masters of Science in Geology at the University of Toronto.

Wiliam (Bill) Bennett

Consultant to the board of directors

Mr. Bennett was formerly a government MLA in British Columbia (“BC”) for 16 years in the Riding of Kootenay East. In addition to holding portfolios for Local Government and Tourism, Mr. Bennett was named BC Mines Minister three separate times over his 16 years. Mr. Bennett has a BA from the University of Guelph and a law degree from Queen’s University. Mr. Bennett is known across Canada for his knowledge of the mining industry in BC. He led the BC government’s efforts over many years to restore BC’s competitiveness for exploration investment, including having improved the BC Ministry of Energy & Mines permitting process and helping to launch BC’s First Nations mine revenue sharing program.